Hurt, Feeling naughty, teary-eyed,

Able,  Confident, encouraged, feeling cool,

Feeling like Pa Ingalls,



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Grade 2 Unit 1 Word Search (PDF)

Grade 2 Unit 2 Word Search (PDF)

Grade 2 Unit 3 Word Search (PDF)

Grade 2 Unit 4 Word Search (PDF)

Problem-Solving Steps Flowchart

This chart will help you use the Second Step Problem-Solving Steps at home!

Problem-Solving Steps Flowchart (PDF)

Book Lists

Book List for Students

Book List for Teachers and Parents

Spanish Glossary

Approved translation of important Second Step terms

Spanish Glossary (PDF)

English Mini-Posters

Skills for Learning Mini-Poster (PDF)

Empathy Mini-Poster (PDF)

How to Calm Down Mini-Poster (PDF)

Problem-Solving Steps Mini-Poster (PDF)

Spanish Mini-Posters

Spanish Skills for Learning Mini-Poster (PDF)

Spanish Empathy Mini-Poster (PDF)

Spanish How to Calm Down Mini-Poster (PDF)

Spanish Problem-Solving Steps Mini-Poster (PDF)